Living room Mural

Living room Mural - student project

I used my living room as a source of inspiration. I also had to consider the wallpaper installed across the wall I was going to paint and keep the aesthetics and color palette in mind. In the end, I changed the colors and added more blue per my husband's request (the client lol).

The initial sketch included all the elements I wanted from my moodboard.

This was my first time using procreate, so it took me more time to adjust to the tools and understand the way the layers worked. But in the end it was fun and very useful.

This is the digital design created with procreate. The colors blend well with the furniture and other elements of the room.

To transfer the drawing on the wall I used a tabloid-sized grid, to print the leaves and to have a visual aid as I drew on the wall. (There were many elements and this was the easiest way to put them all together)

Visual aid and initial distribution of elements prior to drawing.

Drawing. I used the string and pin to draw the circles. (the photo is terrible but it's winter time and no good natural light to show the drawing well)

I used wall paint from home depot. With the design in my hand, I did my best to match the colors with their palette. It was nice to buy samples, cheap and enough quantity to finish and even add more stuff in the future. The purple color was given to me by a friend who had some sample colors at home.

I started painting Monday morning and finished the first layer in the afternoon.

During the rest of the week, I added the second layer (like an hour or two a day) and corrected some blank spots.

I'm very happy with the result. I might consider adding more elements and filling the whole wall. Thanks, Ellie, for sharing your techniques and knowledge. This was a very fun class, a useful introduction to procreate, and overall a great experience.