Little Inspiration Flowers

Little Inspiration Flowers - student project


I found this reference photo on an internet site when I was searching for "daisy" and "bouquet."  I used a lot of creative license to come up with the floral designs I eventually decided upon.  Still, looking at flowers definitely helped in my structure and under-drawing.


You can see I enjoyed using watercolors -- a medium I have neglected for years -- here.  I suddenly remembered that watercolors were relaxing and that painting in them held a meditative quality.  Plus, Chris' whole focus flowers was so inspiring -- you can't go wrong with such beautiful and natural subject matter!


I used Prima Confection watercolors (the classic set) and sometimes I mixed hues in the palette, sometimes not (and instead, painted a darker color after the first layer dried).

Here is the Prima set, perfect for traveling light.  


Here you can see that I elected to go one step further with a black Sharpie outline.  I didn't know if this was a good idea, but I was willing to experiment.

I bisected my flowers because I was prepping them for mounting on small blocks for an Art-o-mat machine to be installed during a Georgia O'Keefe exhibit at Reynolda House in Winston-Salem.  (So artists will submit O'Keeffe-inspired work.)


Finally, I added some hand lettering in Sharpie pens.  This is a major update to my artwork for my Little Inspirations series I create for Art-o-mat.  

Thanks, Chris, for the inspiration and the push I needed to get me back into painting florals again.  It's easy to get overwhelmed with a flower's complexity.  Your class helped me simplify shapes so that I would not get bogged down or discouraged from the get-go!

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