Lindsey Jacobs | Designer

Lindsey Jacobs  |  Designer - student project

I'm Lindsey, a graphic designer specializing in branding, hand-lettering, and print design!

I'm not actually a full-time freelancer — I'm primarily a stay-at-home mom to my two kids. That's honestly the best part about being a freelancer! I can work when I have a slower season, choosing which projects to take on and when to hold off to focus on family. I'm really thankful to be in the position to work when I can and take off when it's just too much; I couldn't do it without my husband working full-time.

My biggest challenge has been finding my dream clients who are willing to invest in their vision. I am priced faaaaar below what other designers in my field are charging. I do so because I don't design full-time, but I still think that my time and expertise are worthy of my prices.

Regardless of this reality, I still loving stretching my design muscles and creating visual stories for people passionate about what they do and what they love. It gets me hyped.


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