Lighthouse Poster

Lighthouse Poster - student project

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A little background: 

My mother is obsessed with lighthouses so I decided to make a poster to display within her collection. I thought it would have been a great chance to experiment with these textures and patterns.

Below a few screenshots of the whole process. 

I started with a basic sketch on paper (I will not post it here, it's too ugly) then translated in to basic shapes in illustrator.

I tried several palettes then I decided to proceed with this warm "nostalgic" color combination.
Then I refined details according to real lighthouses architecture and added few patterns in order to improve the shadows and reflection effects.

I also added dotted halftone patterns to both the sky and the ocean since it gives me the idea of being more consistent with the whole work.

I then applied the grain and rough effects to the picture. 
Below and above, I made a few mockups in order to see which layout would have fit the best.

Below the picture in detail, I love the combination of both the grain and rough lines!

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to improve this work since it will become a present. Thank you very much and keep on with the great job!


I decided to experiment with colors so I also prepared a "night" version of the same.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts :)

I also thought to add a fake editorial project in order to test the use of the illustration on a book cover. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks :)



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