Lightbulb Co. Trifold Brochure

Lightbulb Co. Trifold Brochure - student project

Dylan - thanks for such a comprehensive class! From the sample documents to the pricing examples to the timestamp sheet, you gave us excellent material to think on.

I chose the brochure and since I haven't designed one before, had to do research on best practices. I wanted to convey the youthfulness and energy of the brand while keeping it simple, so I chose the cream color for the background and used the vibrant pops of color to draw attention to specific areas.

There are a few decisions I made that may require client approval, like lightening the pattern to make it more subtle, slightly changing their logo from what was provided, the addition of social icons and a couple of new stock photos. These are things I'd seek approval on as early as possible in the process.

I used Vistaprint's template in laying out the brochure since the client will likely use them for printing. So, I'd also deliver the final file in CYMK, 300 dpi, PDF format as recommended by Vistaprint.

Here's side 1 of the brochure:

And side 2:

Pricing - to be honest, I did this part AFTER I made the brochure. I was anxious to get started and wanted to see how long it would actually take me to finish it. After it was done, I backed into a $550 design quote. Does that sound reasonable given the project? Pricing is always a tricky thing!

To Dylan or anyone else who takes the time to read this - thanks so much for your feedback.

Christina :)

Designing with a fire in my spirit.