Let's make Bao.

Let's make Bao. - student project

Cover photo from Food52 via Cynthia of two red bowls

Based on a slight obession with small bites stuffed with savory goodness (empanadas, dumpllings and wontons to name a few), I decided to make steamed buns, or bao. I had them a few years ago at a dim sum restaurant in DC. I arrived late to the dim sum game but from that day forth, I loved everything about these steamed buns The texture of the bun, the way the hoisin sauce soaks in and flavors the bread with each bite and the sweet and salty balance of the innards. Good stuff.

I've eaten them several times between DC and NYC, but never tried to or thought about making them until this class. I mean, why not? I have friends from both China and Taiwan who have taught me the beauty of hot pot and making dumplings and wontons, so I hope to gain some culinary insight from them. 


Splendid Table interview with Eddie Huang

The Trick to Making Bao?

The Essential Guide to Dim Sum

Also looking at a few blog posts with recipes and YouTube videos. 

Shopping list and more info to come....

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