Learnings from my 10-Day Challenge

Learnings from my 10-Day Challenge - student project

Even though I've been writing calligraphy for a long time, there's always so much I learn when I stop to practice specific aspects of my writing.

I was so surprised by how traditionally "well" the chopstick wrote at first! I switched up my positioning to highlight the woody end of the chopstick to get a more unusual result, but now I know if I'm ever in a bind I can use a chopstick for traditional calligraphy as well!

The capital letters exercise will be ongoing for me. There is always a capital letter I feel like I need to work on! I was happy with the breakthrough I made on my K here — it reminded me it's always a good idea to pause and work on one small aspect of my calligraphy.

Flourishing is a fun exercise to do, especially if you're trying to reverse your typical flourishes. It's like a brain exercise and hand exercise in one!

I was excited by what I ended up writing in the Breaking Habits lesson — who knew a fun, loose style could come out of writing with my fist?

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