Learning to Paint

Learning to Paint - student project

I received some acrylic paints as a gift, and I am trying to learn to use them! This was a great class for the intro, it made painting seem possible, and that was important for me, as I've always been intimidated by painting. It seemed so far above me in the 'fine art' category, when I've always been a doodler. I loved finding the modern style, and I plan to paint frequently, now. And, even purchase my own paint! 

I incorporated as many of the techniques as I could in my painting. I don't get a clean line AT ALL from taping the areas, so I prefer to freehand. If there's a step I'm missing from getting a clean edge, I'd love to know.


I really enjoy painting donuts, and I added an owl to the design. I think he looks dapper. He's out courting. 



This was my first attempt at a swirl background. I used silver, two blues, and a white to create it. It's okay. I liked the donuts more. 



I painted this large canvas for a local vegan bakery/kitchen based on the techniques in this class. Thanks for the lesson! 


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