Layered Wash Box Toy PLUS Own Project

Layered Wash Box Toy PLUS Own Project - student project

I immensely enjoyed painting this and honestly, I'm amazed I could come up with something remotely similar to the original.

Here's my pencil/ink drawing (traced). I regret not putting in the background shadow lines cos I kind of stuffed that up :/

My first wash, I now realise, was a little too pale..

Second wash

Details. I don't have white paint so I used a white gel pen (shhh). Oh and the paint can shadow is going in the wrong direction, oops.

I'd really like to do this project again because I learnt so much the first time around I want to have another go now that I have seen it through from start to finish. And will use a better quality paper. Great class! Can't wait for more from Renato!


Here's my second project that I did, including the photo I used for inspiration and steps along the way.

Note: Photo credit to @_harlowejames

Prior to this I have never had any success painting subjects with backgrounds and always just painted small objects on white. Taking this class really helped me to level up!