Kaleidoscope - student project


I like this nice and easy class and I realy get fun of making my own geometrical pattern!

I watched the class and then start to draw something and I wanted to add more little details. Then I think that it becomes like kaleidoscope, and continued in this way.

Here some nice images of kaleidoscopes from Internet, I found them after I done with my drawing, but something like that I had on my mind.

Here my sketch. It's skew :)

And I was lazy to make lines bolder, I were impatient for starting at Illustrator.

I had an idea that I can draw even one sector and then rotate it and copy. I used Rotate Tool (R) from tools pannel. It allows to rotate around choosen dot. I found center of my image and use guides to make cross, and tried to point in this point when using rotate tool. I think that I were not so accurate in it, and my drawing has some imperfection. Next time I will use exactly method from a class. Another thing that makes my drawing imperfect is that I used to make 22,5 degrees rotation for my lines, but I can't input 22,5 just 22. And when I made all pattern I put my drawings in the corners by the eye, I was lazy to measure where exactly I should put it and use exact offset.

Here my segment and red supporting lines:

And here ready pattern:

It has some little mistakes, but if you would not look carefully you will miss them I guess.

For my first time I think it's enough. Second time I'll make all better.

And I wanted to color my drawing and make a pattern from it. So here my colored version. I inspired by colors of eastern patterns that were shown in the class, I like this deep blue colors, so I picked up something that has this mood.

I made some experiments with colors placements - it makes different results. And now I see that I have different violet color on left-top element that like flower. But I don't want to fixing it now, because I'm already make a pattern and all this screenshots. I rather make some new funny patterns without mistakes.

As I said I put this elements in the corners to get pattern.

I used to make element smaller for this. And I made a background. I made a blank rectangle that has size of my document on the bottom of all that I want to be a pattern, and then group all - my pattern, background and this rectangle, and then just dragged  this group to the color swatches pannel. There I got my pattern ready for using.

Here the picture of rectangle filled with this pattern:

Sorry for my english :)

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