Join me for some tea

Join me for some tea - student project

Hi there!

Thanks for another wonderful class Christine. You rock!

I have this huge project I started that is all about kitchen graphics. It will probably take forever but I'm determined to make it full of kitchen related tools.

I somehow can never manage to work without color throughout the process of a long project. I find myself playing around with the colors I love right when the first images reach it's vector status.

However since that's pretty random it might be fun but not what I want it to be in the end. 

This is what I had so far...

I'm not saying I'm not liking it, but in my mind it should be a lot less colors (more rustic) and more muted.. But I figured I'd work with these colors throughout the project and get to the real deal when I have all my little graphics together.

When I came across your class and saw how short it was, I thought... why not? 

I ended up playing for hours haha. 

I went with artwork from someone who I can not find a name of so I will not post it here. I found it when googling for rustic garden illustration. It was all pretty muted with bright red roses in it.

I never ended up with the bright red in my mosaic obviously, but I decided to go with whatever colors stood out and added about 20% sat.

Not at all what I was hoping for but sometimes a new direction is exactly the way to get new ideas and inspiration right?

I also did the coloring part with my kids pencils (mine were in waking-up-route of the kids). It went horrid.... They need better pencils obviously ;).

Then I went and took the palette to illustrator and played around for a bit with the cups. 

It really is rather muted. But it does look a bit more rustic. 

I did add a little variation with value (a tiny bit).

I copied the cups and text that I later added. Flattened it and sent it to the back for a little quick and dirty depth.

When I was done I copied the lot and added it to Photoshop to add a bit of texture for the project header image. And here's the result.

This will not be my final palette for this set but it's a lot closer to the mood I'm after eventually.

Thanks again for teaching such wonderful classes. I always end up learning something new. I never touch the mosaic filter and never thought of using it for palettes. However.... I have a fancy color software that does exactly that (creating mosaics from pictures) but it's always tedious saving the results etc. You're a hero.