JB Monogram

JB Monogram - student project

Step 1: References & Inspiration
It's always extremely useful to find inspiration before you start creating your design. Of course, you do not want to copy anyone's design, but drawing creativity and inspiration from someone else's design or illustration is perfectly normal. I've compiled my mood board on Pinterest right here.

Step 2: Rough Sketch
As I mentioned in the class videos, this is even more accurately drawn than you need it to be. You can use a really quick & sloppy design and create it entirely on the computer, or you can use your sketch as a close reference to trace from. Whatever you would rather do!

Step 3: Final Monogram

Here is my final Monogram. For the last couple years I have been mainly using the version on the right with the texture added. But I would consider it a bit more trendy. I'm not sure if it is a design I'll use in the long haul or if I'll revert back to the original on the left. But either way, the main design is there and prominent throughout all of my branding.

I hope you enjoyed the class as always. Feel free to rate it!

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