J.D.'s Game Plan

J.D.'s Game Plan - student project

Step 1: Establish Your Voice. 

  • Who am I? 
    • Passionate
    • Detailed Oriented
    • A Planner  
  • What do I have to offer? 
    • My publishing story via vlog; a 365-day (or more) project of an idea to publication chronicle of the writing process.
    • Book Reviews - of Non-fiction writing books
    • Mom hacks and time management skills to make the most of your free time
  • Merge 'em! 
    • I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and vlog about my journey to publication, start to finish. As a detailed oriented planner and busy mom of two, I will lay out my strategy and timeline, and share how it works or doesn't work for others interested in writing and self-publishing. 

Step 2: Create a content game plan. 

  • Who is your target audience? 
    • Other writers and those interested in self-publishing.
  • What service are you offering?
    • Information on writing and the road to publication.
  • Where are you going to post your content?
    • Youtube
  • When are you going to post your content?
    • Mondays
  • How are you going to spread the word?
    • Patreon, Wattpad, Instagram, and Twitter

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