Items made with wool rope

Items made with wool rope - student project

I thought it might be helpful to see more photos of the process of making rope. Here's what it looks like when you knot two sections of rope together before felting. You almost can't tell. 

Cord bundles before felting. 

Cord going into the delicates bag for felting. 

This is what the cord looks like when it comes out of the washer. I like to sort of drape it over a drying rack until it doesn't feel damp anymore. 

Knitting with the cord on size 36 needles. 

Sewing two sections of felted cord together with a needle and thread. 

The knitted piece for a rope basket, before seaming and cinching it up.

And then here are some projects I've made with the cord. This big pouf took 5 balls, or 20 skeins. 

This sweet rug only took 2 or 3 balls, I can't remember. 

Rope baskets aren't quite as stiff as when you use cotton rope, but they look great. And you can use any color you like. 

Cara Corey

Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer