Italics following Seb Lester

Italics following Seb Lester - student project

This class has helped me a lot to understand better the structure of italics. I have been a self-learner for a while, so it's great to have the opportunity to learn directly from such experienced master.

Here are my pics, beginning with the warm-up exercises to finish composing words.

I need to keep practicing a lot to improve, specially with the "twisted" curve of the "n" and similar letters.

My first approach to italics was with an ancient exemplar of the book written by Ioannes Baptistae Palatinus and his exemplars are more rounded so this sharpened style is quite different, but I find it fun and challenging.

I´m amazed by the results of my pals and really would appreciate some advice to improve. 

Thanks a lot, and Happy 2019.