Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire - student project

So for my book I chose Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. The first scene where "the boy" first sees Louis "the vampire" and decides to start the interview has always stood out to me. While there are almost two and a half paragraphs of description on Louis, the boy (who is never named) gets almost none. Anyway, this small scene sets up the entire interview that is the novel.

So here is my planning for the comic. I really wanted to get the lighting right for the first part of the comic. They are very clear that the only light is from an outside light source on the street. I wanted to have "the boy" kind of nervous and a "nerdy journalist" and I felt the glasses fit him. (Also sorry about my handwriting)

So here are the sketches for the little two page comic. I had to really push them close together so they would upload right so I apologize if they're difficult to read. Still working on inking the comic and finishing things up!!

This is a reupload of the comic pages after changing somethings around. I'm about to start inking but I thought I'd upload some more of the process.

So I finally finished inking the comic!!! I tried to apply the suggestions when I revised the sketch. Please let me know what you all think!