Inking turned out to be so much fun!

Inking turned out to be so much fun! - student project

Hello Jesse and classmates!

I was really waiting for the class, so I started working on a project right away.

Last time I drew several characters, so I've chosen this guy to be inked today.

Here are the materials that I found, not a very nice nib pen, but I don't have any others, so I worked with it, it felt very uncomfortable at first but an hour later I found myself really enjoying it, even lost the track of time. The second tool is a Faber Castell brush pen and the last is a Micron pen (love those) 

(it says: I'm sorry, but it's a robbery) Couldn't help it, just look at that sorry face..

I liked the first one the best and tried to keep on using the nib pen. It was rather challenging for me, so that's what I came up with:

Thank you.

Self-Searching Artist, Illustrator