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InDesign Practice - student project


I did the final assignment a couple of weeks later after watching class, so I literally have to go through everything one more time. But it was really helpful! Thanks Daniels for the brief for this brochure. However, the design might seem pretty simple, it was not easy to handle with such amount of content for 4 pages prospectus (2 pages are for cover).  This class is really amazing - I do like 2-4 minutes videos with a few essentials instead of 1 hour long. Now I love InDesign! Awesome application!

InDesign Practice - image 1 - student projectInDesign Practice - image 2 - student projectInDesign Practice - image 3 - student projectInDesign Practice - image 4 - student project



I chose one of my current clients as an initial idea for the design concept of the flyer but I slightly changed name and information.

InDesign Practice - image 5 - student project


Here is a dropbox link to my exported pdf file.

Special thanks to Daniels for a very fun and interesting  way of teaching - really enjoyed it!


The second task was to create a newsletter layout with a certain requirements.

Here is a dropbox link to my pdf file, previews are below:

InDesign Practice - image 6 - student project

InDesign Practice - image 7 - student project

InDesign Practice - image 8 - student project

Interesting questions are:

 - what does it need to be done to export a certain range of pages instead of all pages in the document? There is an obvious option in the export window but it doesn't allow to specify a particular range of pages.

- It will be handy if it is possible to keep the same spacing between a main header and first paragraph, first paragraph and body text and etc if there are several separated text boxes?  Is there some magic wand for this? :)



InDesign Practice - image 9 - student project

InDesign Practice - image 10 - student project


InDesign Practice - image 11 - student project

InDesign Practice - image 12 - student project


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Mila Masina

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