Illustrated Textiles: Class Project Example

Illustrated Textiles: Class Project Example - student project

This is my class project for this course to show you my creative process for this class. 

1. First off, I made a moodboard with a mixture of photos from around my home and from Pinterest.

I wrote my word associations and made my brief from those and the gathered images. 


2. I then explored three different illustration techniques, abstract shapes, continuous line and digital collage. The shapes and content were inspired by my moodboard.

3. I enjoyed the digital collage technique so I used that to make this final design of hands, birds and leaves. I collated the images from royalty-free vintage image sites and used Photoshop to cut them out and layer them into this design.

4. I sent my fabric off to print with Woven Monkey and once I received it in the post I sewed it into my final cushion. I added a dusty pink piping and dark green velvet backing fabric and used a 45 x 45cm feather-filled cushion inner pad. This is my finished piece!

Artist, illustrator and pattern designer