I need some templates

I need some templates - student project

So, I had a go at these, and combined the idea with an earlier project. I prefer my earrings with more articulation, so opted to add some wobble. These measure 14mm each side, and the small triangles 5mm. I was able to use my scrap, left from the disc cutter for the tiny triangles and a tiny bit of regular sheet for the other triangles. 

I don't have any 0.7 or 0.8 sheet, so used 0.45 for the larger pieces. After the sweat soldering and polishing, I applied some liver of sulphur (neat) to the textured parts, polishing back afterwards. The chain is very fine with 2.5mm jump rings through the holes. The earwires are fine silver, and ones I made myself. It was very late last night when I tool the photo, but I have decided that if I hang about for the perfect light, or wait to get some new software I'll never post anything - and where is the fun in that?!

So - I have learned...tiny sawing is more challenging than one might think. 

Sawing shapes like the large triangles as one, and then sawing in two is NOT the way to go if you want identically sized pieces!

Also, that I need to take photos with my phone the other way round if I want them to display properly!

Lovely project, Jo. Lots of potential to play with. Thank you.