Homebush Bay

Homebush Bay - student project

--- END RESULT ---

Sooo, I finished this project in June 2014 and basically made it in less than a year. It was a lot of work and I'm not 100% happy with it to be honest. I made a bit too confusing for a lot of people, but yeah well, what can you do. I had a lot of fun making it and will use this course to make my next film! 

If you're interested, here's the link to the film (and my previous schoolprojects are also on my vimeopage). Enjoy and good luck to all! :) 

Homebush Bay

--- PROGRESS ---

Alright folks, I'm back :) I'm not planning on putting my storyboard online, I am way too far in my animationprogress to change much about it (of course friends and teachers approved my storyboard ;)). But opinions are still welcome of course ;)

So, a few months ago, after my internship I decided what to do with my film which already has to be finished in June (panicattack!).
I noticed after thinking about my themes that I was stuck with the story, though I already knew what my film would look like and what atmosphere I wanted to show. So I went for this storyline: 
- Harald is a man stuck on his boat, looking for land in a sunken world
My themes are still the same, day will represent his daily habits, during the night its less clear whats real or not. Throughout the shortfilm this border gets less obvious.
The only memory of land he has is a recorder with the sound of crickets (this he plays every night). During one night he'll lose this recorder (it falls in the water) because of the weird things happening around him and he'll have nothing left.....until he hears the cricketsounds from somewhere else and goes after it! 

I had to make a small trailer for my school, it's not really showing much, but whoever is curious: 


--- LESSON 3 ---

Themes/ Devices

Wish me luuuccck to finish this project on time! :) :)

Primary theme:

Travel/ Being on the way: The character in the story will be on a journey during the film. Where he is going or what he wants is something the viewer has to discover while being on this journey with him. 

Personal: I discovered a lot about myself by traveling on my own, away from friends, family and familiar surroundings. 

Secondary theme:

Stress: this is almost as a device throughout the film. It's more about translating aspects of stress to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Playing with sound in the film as if you're hearing what's in the characters mind (no dialogues, more a clash of memories of sounds), the sound can be disconnected of what you see in the film. Almost like you tune out from the world. 
The physicality of the story will also be influenced by this. (slow motion, weird movements and timing)

Conscious vs Subconscious

I already said in lesson 2 that I want to explore the black&white concept. I ended up with the idea that you will see my character travel by day, but when night arrives and the skies are dark (black), you will see his subconciousness come to live.

At one point in the film something (probably a bird) falls out of his unconsciousness into his consciousness. 

I'm still figuring out the devices, so more to come soon

Ocean: The characters world is a world of water and emptiness, it's a void world. The ocean is wide and unknown world, though it can be calming as well. 
Motorboat: My character will be traveling in a small wooden motorboat

Sketch: I came across these pictures of "homebush bay", old ships in Australia (Sydney) that have their own little 'forests'. Maybe I'll use these ships in my film. 

The ocean will be the mind of my character (concious/unconsious; day/night)

Mystery is the main tone of my film, but it's important that there will be a bit of humour in there too.

2D (Probably Tv Paint)
(Research I'll do with sketches on paper)


--- LESSON 2 ---

My biggest obsession is my memories of the year I spent alone, traveling around in Australia. It's was the first time I was on my own, but more important, it was the biggest feeling of freedom I've ever had 

So my story will be around the subject of traveling/ searching for a light, a freedom/ being alone. Because of my studies I wasn't able to travel long or far for a while now, which made me more and more interested in everything in the world that's far away from me and my habbits. I want to collade all these feelings and longings in a story, probably with only 1 character. 

EDIT// : the 3 official obsession:

  1. The feeling of stress relief
  2. Traveling/ Being on the way  
    "getting lost is by far the most beautiful thing a human being can do"
  3. Black & White


I was already doing research for this this past summer, watching documanteries (see references), looking for pictures and stories of odd places in the world, memories of my days in Australia (like skydiving and falling down, or floating underwater hearing nothing but your own breathing). 

Hopefully you guys are a bit interested in what I'll do with my project!  Cheers :) x

Because of my nameless seaman I automatically found a lot of inspiration in the ocean/rivers/water

  • Human Planet, episode Oceans: 
    - people that only live at the ocean on a boat
    - people who get landsick instead of seasick
    - houses build on water
    - some children see better underwater than above
    Human Planet, episode Rivers:
    - bridges in India built with living roots of trees
    - fishing on the edge of the Victoria Falls looks like fishing at the edge of the world
  • Something I came across on a boat in Australia: birds rest on boats floating by 
  • While diving at the great barrier reef I not only discovered a whole new world, but the most peacefull, quiet world. Only hearing yourself breath and floating in the water is the most calming experience ever
  • Maybe it's also interesting to animate movement as if it is movements happening underwater (floating, slow motion, etc) 

  • Boats, rowboats, motorboats, a boat where a forest has grown on, etc

Theme Stress: I chose this theme because already, being at age 27, I see friends around me struggle with stress, being way too busy, depressions, anxiety , etc. So I want to explore this, maybe it will result in the opposite of stress, who knows :)   

  • So what causes stress? (loud noises, being busy, fear of something, fighting,etc)
  • Feeling detached from everything (this can be taken literally in the film)
  • What can you do about it?
    - sports: climbing, running, swimming, etc
    - crying
    - yelling
    - laughing hysterically 
    - listening or playing music 
    - diving, or even just putting your head under water
  • Openingscene Melancholia 

  • (beautiful art I found on reddit, don't know the artist name)

I'm hoping my research of the journey part and stresstheme will collide together into this beautiful story about a man looking for something (something new, running a way from something, searching)

The Black & White theme I chose because even if I didn't want it, my animations always end up almost completely black and white. Also in my drawings there is barely any colour. So this year I'm going even further with it, i'll try to play with light etc, we'll see. Still researching this. :) 

More updates later on! If you have a great story about a journey you made of a story about stress , how you got it, how to get rid of it, etc. Feel free to tell me :) 

--- LESSON 1 ---


  •  Australian birdsounds (kookaburra, magpie) 
  • roadtrips/travel
  • spider phobia
  • skydive
  • diving ( the feeling of peace when underwater)
  • documentaries (nature, cultures, other)
  • the incomprehensiveness of space (or should i say ungraspable fact of it being infinitve?) 
  • trees
  • the sound of a starling (also their movement in the sky) 
  • the sound of crickets
  • drawing passing houses while sitting in the train 
  • the sense of touch
  • hair
  • spicy food
  • dance: how timing in movement is different and how it can tell a story by it's movement
  • mysterious music from other culture (like deep throat singing)
  • wind/chimes
  • sound of rain on a window
  • sinking
  • mongolia
  • black and white (the contrast)
  • minimalism
  • searching for your inner peace/light
  • reindeers swimming to cross a river
  • filmscores
  • my seaman i drew who can't get out of my mind now 


  • I'm a huge Igor Kovalyov fan 
  • Pritt Parn
  • Atsushi Wada 
  • Slinkachu
  • Into the Wild
  • Cast Away 
  • Human Planet
  • Planet Earth 
  • www.reddit.com (this website is perfect to see and read the weirdest, inspiring, funniest or unique stories) 
  • www.unbelievable-facts.com
  • Street Art
  • BBC nature
  • The Richard Dawkins Foundation of Reason and Science
  • Hello Europe Project
  • Samsara