Hirehive - Filmmaking. Democratized.

Hirehive - Filmmaking. Democratized. - student project

Hirehive - Peer to Peer Rentals. For Filmmakers.

Hirehive is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace designed for filmmakers to share their gear.

Our Mantra: Filmmaking. Democratized.

Our goal is to bring the Sharing Economy to filmmakers, and by doing so, empower filmmakers to tell the stories they're compelled to tell.

Downloadable version of our deck: Hirehive Skillshare Deck

Our pitch deck:  
Full disclosure: I've been struggling to keep to Guy's '10 slides' rule, primarily due to the fact that each side of the marketplace experiences a different pain to solve. Any suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated, guys!

And that's, as we say, a wrap!

We're about to release Hirehive beta next week! Super exciting.

I would sincerely appreciate any feedback that you guys may have for our deck. And if you have any questions at all or just want to say hi, reach out to me at dee@hire-hive.com

Oh, and please do have a look at our site! 


Co-founder at Hire-hive.com