Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers - student project

Happy Flowers - image 1 - student project

Mysitc Rose, mixed media with Prismacolor pencils. Had no Misket so didn't mask. Practiced bold strokes and California brush strokes. I like Bold and I like the painterly effect of the brush strokes with sharp edges.  I practiced using rigger and other small brushes, like them a lot. Learned much about brushes in this project. I tore the Arches paper a little on the right side as I used a small blade to loosen the paper from the black glue that holds the pack together. What is a good method for this task? I've been using Canson on the other projects, easier to access, and I'm learning the difference in these 2 papers. Canson surface doesn't hold up as well as Arches, but Arches surface it rougher for drawing on. Arches is a much thicker paper and doesn't buckle as easily.

Happy Flowers - image 2 - student project

When I stand back, this looks like a happy shooting star-rose. I learned to like "mistakes". The green at top right was originally a bleed from the leaves. I covered it in blue because it was a "mistake" but there are no mistakes in art so I tried to bring back the green effect because I liked it. It's not as appealing as it was to begin with and I learned to go with the "flow", it adds interest. When I walk in the room this image jumps out and catches my eye with its happy bouncy look, an uplifting surprise. I substituted Hansa yellow and Naphthol red and worked on gradients in the rose, dropping hues into each other.  Alizarin red in center. You really encouraged experimenting and discovery in this class and that helped me relax and have fun. Thanks, Ron! 

Happy Flowers - image 3 - student project

I give tea parties with Grandma's china and Mom's. This will be my invitation to the spring party in the rain, party on the deck under cover. I decorated the cup with little sail boats. Discovered how much I like painting leaves! This was a good review for making reflections. I never feel confident about that so I need to practice. These small paintings are great for practicing technique. Reminds me of violin lessons when I only practice a piece of the composition and don't get overwhelmed with size of the whole thing. I watched all your videos in your essentials class where you make small pictures. I'll get to work on the projects soon. That's a good class and I need the review. Ron, this flowers class synthesized the lessons I've been taking from you. I found myself applying techniques I've learned in previous classes, the ah-ha moment for students we often don't get to see. Got it.

I'll be doodling and painting my flower board this week. Thanks for the class. See you in the outdoors class.

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Happy Flowers - image 4 - student project

Here's the Step by Step assignment. I like this method of transferring the image. Inking it helped me figure out so many lines from all the petals. In the end I inked the outer petals again to cover some edges that were too smudged. I decided not to decorate it outside the flowers. I wish I could make the centers of the water lilies glow like so many in google images I looked at. The more color I applied the more muddy & dull it seemed. Finally I reviewed your spatter class and tried that with tinted titanium white acrylic. Still not satisfied but I like it better than before and I found a use for spattering again. I like the mottled water, especially the green streak. May come back to this one later. Also, I used  Canson 140 and next time I'll go back to Arches 140 and probably tape it. Spritzing water on the paper didn't stay wet very long with the air coditioner fan. Now on to tulips & tea.


Here's my first practice done with Sharpie fine point pens.

Happy Flowers - image 5 - student project

I got started and then had more medical setback and took time out again. In the time I couldn't draw I observed flowers in hanging baskets outside, marvelous hues and patterns on petunias. On the right side of this practice page I started flower doodling with the dandilions and what fun, hopping over and all! There's no such thing as getting behind in Skillshare classes, working at our own pace, and even when I wasn't able to practice I was thinking, planning and observing. I like the blooms in all its stages of life. This class is more fun than I expected. Thanks, Ron.