Halftone self portrait • Margaret Hanson

Halftone self portrait • Margaret Hanson - student project

I got home late one night and wanted to start this project. I chose an ink drawing out of my sketchbook to scan and use as a starting point. 

Brought it into photoshop to clean up and crop into a circle. I like circles, but chose to let a couple of the flowers pop out the edges for additional interest. 

I normally work at a desk with a wacom tablet for digital design. However, this time I was feeling tired so was sitting on the couch working on my laptop; there were some limitations with the available trackpad and small screen size. I didn't get a chance to download the illustrator plug in for halftone this time, but definitely want to for future projects. I also left my halftone elements as raster and didn't live trace them. I felt like I still wanted the option to edit colours. 

Looking at the finished version now, it feels a little heavy handed and given the chance I'd restrict my colour palette to give a more concise image. I had fun and learned stuff, and that's all I wanted.

Thanks! http://margarethansondesign.ca 

Graphic Designer, nice person