Greetings from Madison Wisconsin

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - student project

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - image 1 - student project

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my vintage inspired post card. 

I have to admit that I jumped right in to the project before reading the entire project description, so I haven't done everything exactly to the brief, and for this I apologize! 

Do you think I should continue to add illustration inside of the letters? Right now, I'm digging the simplistic vibe of the solid colors. But then again, I came up with a lot of good imagery during the writing exercise, and I would like to complete the project as described in the brief. 

I'm from Madison Wisconsin, which is an isthmus and the capital of the state. Since the city is surrounded by water, I decided to incorporate the city skyline against Lake Monona. 

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - image 2 - student project

Here are my initial Sketches: I decided to go with the bottom right sketch. By the way, That's not a dolphin jumping over the capital, it was meant to be a muskellunge. The lakes are known to have some big fish! 

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - image 3 - student project

Here is the Refined Sketch: If you couldn't tell from the initial skeches, below the word Madison is a vintage boat pulling a water skiier. And above is a simplified skyline. 

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - image 4 - student project

And here's the most refined version I have so far. 

Greetings from Madison Wisconsin - image 5 - student project


Thanks again for checking out my project! :)

Ray Mawst

Lettering & Design