Greetings from Holly Postcard

Greetings from Holly Postcard - student project

Holly is a tiny village in Michigan I spent the latter half of my childhood growing up in. It's a cute town full of antique shops and old haunted restaurants. The town loves to celebrate history and has many events and festivals throughout the year celebrating the past. I thought it would be a perfect town to create a vintage inspired postcard for.


Greetings from Holly Postcard - image 1 - student project

Here is my sketch. Holly is full of trains and train tracks so I wanted to use the tracks as a way of bringing the viewer into the town.


In my illustrations I included many local landmarks and activities, from the ski resort and lakes to the Renaissance Festival and the haunted Holly Hotel. As it's name suggests, Holly loves the Christmas season so I included a few elements of that as well.

Greetings from Holly Postcard - image 2 - student project

Thank you, Brad! This was a great class!