Golden California Sand

Golden California Sand - student project

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I recently started an Instagram page to showcase all of my California adventures. I am a CA girl, born and raised, and I love it here so I figured what better than to be a local and share my fave places in the state with my friends and followers? (I'm on IG as

In the past, I haven't gotten the best quality photos from my iphone and I hoped that Kiara's help would change that. I took the course a few days ago and decided to take a few shots out at the beach this morning. So I visited Coronado Beach and found the sand to be glittering gold in the sunshine. I absolutely had to capture the moment and, using the tools I learned in this course, I was able to get an awesome shot. The original shot shows that there are gold specks in the sand, but weren't as vibrant as I had hoped for. After sharpening the photo and playing with the highlights and shadows in Afterlight, I was able to enhance all of the elements of the photo that I was hoping to showcase. Check out the before and after below!

Golden California Sand - image 1 - student project

Golden California Sand - image 2 - student project