Glass Photography x Connor Martin

Glass Photography x Connor Martin  - student project

My name is John Connor Martin I am 24 years old and I currently reside in Toledo, Ohio aka "The Glass City". I shot two rolls of 35mm film (B&W/Color) with my Olympus Om-1 (circ. 1970). For all the following images I used a 50mm 1.4 Zuiko lens. 

1st Image: Shallow Fence 

2nd Image: 3x Exposures 

3rd Image: 40oz

4th Image: Midwestern Funeral 

     This image breaks my current theme of "street" but I felt as if it belonged in the project in some odd way.  I believe this was the last exsposure I took on my color roll and it was very spur of the moment even though it may not look like it. 

5th Image: Another Fence 

     As the title suggests! I have a thing for grids/patterns and chain link fences always seem to catch my eye. 

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John Connor Martin 

Toledo, Ohio Based Social Media Coordinator