Gift Girl

Gift Girl - student project

Hi fellow 'Art of the Start' students!

I am an American living in New Zealand, thousands of miles from my home and nearest relative. Last week a letter arrived in my mailbox, you know, the old fashioned kind, the one in front of my house that usually only holds bills.  The name and address on the letter were my own, the handwriting was my grandmother's.  I opened the envelope and pulled out a card in the shape of an Easter egg.  It had a sweet illustration that immediately made me think of my childhood.  Inside was a tender, handwritten message that made me feel remembered and genuinely loved.

How is it that grandmas have that special power?

They remember. Despite having multiple grandchildren, children, sometimes great grandchildren, they remember you.  They remember your preferences from childhood, your birthday each year and your every special occasion.  Aren't they just the best?

Gift Girl aims to help Generation Y remember (maybe the company should be called Gift Grandma!).  We aim to provide handy birthday reminders along with thoughtful gift ideas straight to your (email) mailbox. 

Gift Girl's premise:

Carefully curated gift ideas for your friends and family sent to your inbox before you need them. Never miss another birthday or give an unappreciated gift again.

Gift Girl's Meaning (answer to Guy's question of "If my company didn't exist, why would the world not be as good a place?"):

If Gift Girl didn't exist, people would go on forgetting their family and friends' birthdays, or giving gifts that will go unused or not enjoyed.  Siblings, friends and family members will let their relationships deteriorate by not commemorating each other's special occasions, missing the best (and easiest) opportunities to show love. 

Gift Girl's Mantra:

Making Memorable Gifts Easy.