Getting back into Illustrator

Getting back into Illustrator - student project

Thank you so much for helping me get back into Illustrator!

Having not used it for quite some time I felt I needed a step by step tutorial about the basic tools in AI. It's been so useful, I feel like I can walk again!


It's not quite a cupcake! I decided to go for my favourite subject: the vintage pinup!

I took a phone pic of my sketch and cleaned it up in Photoshop. You can see I have separated out elements in different colours to use Image Trace while breaking down the shapes. However, with your approach I didn't even need this because it's easier to just use the erase tool and copy over your lines to separate the different colour parts.


After Image tracing and colouring the different lines I used the blob brush for the inside colouring parts. The other options didn't quite work..., is this down to my lines not connecting? Any feedback welcome!

Thanks again!


Pin-up artist