Galaxy Girls Sticker Pack

Galaxy Girls Sticker Pack - student project


I'm so excited to show you my first iMessage sticker pack: Galaxy Girls!

I've always loved sci-fi, and thought it would be cool to do a pack of cute alien and planet stickers for my first pack. I didn't use pencil and paper to make my illustrations like I usually do. Instead I went straight into illustrator and started messing around with shapes, the puppet tool, and the warp tools until I was able to form my aliens. Here are a few of my alien creations: 

I also added some phrase stickers, silly planets, and some decorative items. Here are a few of those: 


I made 20 stickers in all. Ten of them move, while the other 10 are static. Here is a gif of one of them moving: 

I used xcode to set up the gifs on the iMessage store. Working with xcode was easy, but signing up for the Apple Developer program and figuring out how to upload the files was really time consuming. It definitely took several tutorials for me to get it together. Here's a screenshot of the stickers in app form: 



The Galaxy Girl Sticker Pack is now live in the app store! Right now, it doesn't seem to be searchable (I guess that might take a day or two). But, you can here to purchase it.


Lastly, I created a little Tumblr site to advertise the sticker pack. Check it out:




I hope you like my stickers! This class was awesome, and I love that this is yet another way to express ourselves creatively. I can't wait to make more!