GOCO TOFU - student project

Brian's TOFU/MOFU/BOFU explanation was super helpful, and I decided to start with a TOFU ad to create more awareness for GOCO. We're a bit unique in that we don't sell anything, and also don't need to generate donations (we're funded by state lottery proceeds). But we still need to have awareness, and ultimately education and comprehension, about what GOCO does. 

Colorado's population is exploding right now, so I thought I would try to capitalize on that by narrowing in on all the Millennials and Gen Xers moving here now. People moving to a new state are often eager to find out more about it, so they seemed like a good starting point.

I used four different professional photos we previously contracted for, to see if people responded more to the typical Colorado landscape shots, or if something with people was more attractive. Also, I tested different copy to see whether people liked the simple answer or a slightly more descriptive answer to, "What does GOCO do?"

Here's a sample of a few of the ads:













Laura Cardon

GOCO Communications Coordinator