Friends, family and familiar places

Friends, family and familiar places - student project

I found this class very helpful in learning to use my camera. I am really starting to enjoy photography now. Mostly I've been photographing people I know or around the family farm when I'm down south – especially when I go down to visit my folks. There's plenty of antique shops and outdoor districts.

Almost all of these were shot with my kit lenses as well. I purchased a 50mm f/1.8 and used it for the Pan statues and the shot of Kyle swapping out wheels on his longboard.

Thanks again for doing this class!

My friend goofing off generously for the camera.


The Patriarch


The Matriarch


Ft. Worth Farmer's Market


Bluebonnet Festival down in Texas


Tiny Antique Horses


My father likes to make weather vanes


More of the same


A statute of Pan at an outdoor garden


Different angle


Kyle swapping out wheels on a run


My best friend's daughter


She really likes flowers


More flowers