Fingerprints - student project

Thank you for this class, it introduced me to a style of photography I really like but have never attempted. I really enjoyed using and shaping the natural light and I'm surprised these turned out because it was getting pretty dark on me towards the end!

Styling is not my forte, but I scoured the house and the backyard and tried my best. 

When I began, I just was trying to figure out how to make things look good, but as I got more comfortable and the creativity kicked in I thought back to your lessons and wanted my last photo to tell a story.

So, since x-mas is tomorrow and it just snowed in the City I live in today, my last image was a winter inspired shot, with the salt representing snow, stripes for candy canes and some stuff I found in the backyard to add some winter/holiday feeling.

I really like this style of photography and can't wait to give it another go, thank you for the class and inspiration...and yes, I got fingerprints all over the chocolate!