Finding the appropriate medium

Finding the appropriate medium - student project

I had always been frustrated with the writing as a hobby from my day job. It's been bothering me because I spent such a long time in front of the computer each day. I don't want to spend time while I work on my hobbies in front of the computer as well. So I tried your approach and use a notebook for my first draft.

It's very helpful because I could be more flexible with it (thus hand-sketching the main characters and outlining). And it keeps editing to the minimum.

I write at a cafe across the street from my apartment. They have a giant window proving a lot of sunlight, and unlimited coffee supplies don't hurt. All my writing elements are mobile and I can do a quick setup. I bring the notebook to the restroom with me and leave my setup on the table, so the seats won't get stolen!

Thank you for providing such a class. It's helpful to find a new strategy that works for me. I will update again once the project ends to see if this carries throughout!