Finding my 'Must'

Finding my 'Must' - student project

Hello everyone! I havent yet finished it, but I have posted what I have done so far. I shall update it as I go along.

So here is exercise 1. I have printed my images out and put them onto my dining room table to look at and see if I could see any relationships between them i.e colour, pattern, subject etc, before moving onto the next exercises.

I was surprised that I had saved A LOT of black and white images, much more than I thought. 

I was surprised that I follow a lot of artists for inspiration and techniques.

As you can see from the picture above, i have started to group my images with my cards that have some similarity to each other. I only have one image with text on, which was surprising to me as i thought i liked typography much more than this. Clearly I dont! 

This is a work in progress, so i hope to add more as i go along!

Artist & illustrator