Find your Way - the Short Film

Find your Way - the Short Film - student project

Find your Way


Through mindfulness somebody can achieve inner peace and happiness, but the way is not always easy. This is what I want to illustrate thought this short film.


  • documentary, psychology


  • iPhone with FilmicPro, 4K 60fps
  • Audio will be recorded afterwards
  • LumaFusion

Style Introduction

  • Handheld
  • Cold colours in the beginning, neutral in the middle and warm colours at the end of the film





    Scene 1
    Outside in a park - during the day, a (40) Man sits on a bench in a meditating position with his eyes closed,
    The camera films him while moving around him 360° clockwise from about a 2m distance. When the camera does a full circle, it closes in on the man's eyelids and a transition starts

    During all this a narrator voice speaks calm and clear.
    “You are calm and relaxed, guide your attention towards your breathing. Breathe in you are calm, Breathe out you are relaxed, ....” Male voice

    (Camera is closing in on the man)
    “Free your mind, let all your thoughts go, achieve emptiness....” Male voice

    Music - meditation music



    Scene 2
    Inside - in darkness (maybe under a blanket) short light beams appear, after a few seconds a hand appears, grabs the man's hand and guides him out of the darkness and into the light. transition.

    “...achieve emptiness....” echoing male voice “... follow the light....” echoing female voice

    Music - intense, thriller-like


    Scene 3
    Inside - using a green screen, the camera captures the man's six basic emotions (anger, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, happiness) in an accelerating cycle that goes faster and faster (during 
    which the background also changes according to his emotions) until it stops abruptly on happiness.

    Audio “ have achieved inner peace....” Echoing male voice “... congratulations....” Echoing both male and female voices

    Music - dynamic music with an accelerating rhythm, until it stops on happiness, then relaxing jazz



    Scene 4

    Outside in a park - The Man sits on the same bench in a meditating position with his eyes closed, The camera is closed in on his eyelids, it goes back to a 2m distance, and moves around him counter-clockwise after which it goes back into the same position. The man's face occupies the entire frame. He opens his eyes and the screen fades into white.

    Music - engaging happy music with a sound effect when the eyes open.


Please find the link to the end result. Enjoy!

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