Faux Calligraphy Address - No. 1

Faux Calligraphy Address - No. 1 - student project

I used a 4x6 (inches) piece of black card stock for an "envelope". My Uni-Ball Signo white pen did NOT write well on the rather slick (for cardstock) surface. It was also a humid evening and I had the windows open. Excuses, but apparently your materials, and the weather, matter!  Overall I am very pleased with the look of the card, even though the ink skipped alot. I kept having to go over the lines so the thin lines thickened and it is not as crisp as I would like. The cursive style is, essentially, my handwriting except for the capital M, the letter s, and the letter r. They are in a generic modern calligraphy style. The letters forms are also more carefully written and a bit bouncy.

All the scribbling on the left side of the sketch is from trying to get my white pen to write smoothly. *sigh* I normally love my Uni-Ball Signo white pens and they have good reviews!

Something fishy going on...