Fatty Guard

Fatty Guard - student project

1- Building up simple shapes

First I've created 4 characters based on 4 differents shapes. During this step, I wanna do some knigts or medieval characters.

2- Initial character exploration

Then, I've made some posings. 1 per Character.

 3- S-curves and C-curves

After that, I cleaned two times the drawing, folliwing the advices of Denis.

 4- Checking anatomy

And I checked the anatomy.

5-Pushing things further

With the advices of Denis about weight and pose, I've push the things forward. Very funny part of the process :) 

6- Checking silhouette

7- Polishing the sketch

7- Adding values

 8-Creating basic color blocks

9- Adding light

10-Ambient occlusion

11- Refining light

That's a very tricky part of the process. Usually, I didn't push the lightning and texturing of my illustrations that far. It's very interesting to push the détails that far. I'm not satisfied yet but It's very pleasant to learning new things with this project.

12-Adding details and lighting effects

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