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Fashion fashion - student project

Hi everyone, just a little update about this project:) These illustrations were created more than 3 years ago and now I'm excited to announce that I recently published my first class about fashion illustration!!! Woohoo! Feel free to check the class-I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions and you can also find more artwork on my Instagram and blog where I post sketches on a daily basis.

Project: Black & whitepencil sketch in progress

Applied ink

Project: bride

project: silky flowers

I applied ink first and now the sketch is ready for watercolor

Project: maternity illustration

Found this photo when I was 6 months pregnant and made a whimsical self portrait. Started loving the whimsical feel in my drawings:)

Project: Moo:)

Project: stripes & color splash

Project: denim

Project: strong pose

Thank you for stopping by, would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

You can find more illustrations on the blog

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