Evil Super hero

Evil Super hero - student project

Working with light an base textures.

Working on the cape:

Base colors, and also I have started working painting the fire.

A new try after studing abit deeper the light for the image and also studing the visual help from the teacher. 

I can not believe how much I am learning with this course.

I have used a tiny figurine of Bilbo Baggins as help here, and tried to create some scenario like the one in my project. I removed Bilbo´s head and tied a small candle on his neck to test how the main light could work and then I changed the scene for the secondary light.

After this I can see I was having several mistakes with my light, and hopefully I will be able to fix them.

Overall it was quite an adventure. 

Before working on the texture of the suit, I  have had to go back a few steps to fix the light, since the hair is meant to be fire.

The teacher gave me the feedback of making it the main source of light which wouldnt just make it look more realistic but also more interesting.

So this is where I am right now. 

I have been studing latex surface from photo refferences as the teacher has suggested and I am submiting a small study I saved, I could understand some things, but I lack experience with this kind of fabric, so hopefully I will be able to improve my project after I apply to it what I have been learning. And well.... fire will come after. :P One by one.

After getting great feedback I have decided to keep pushing it and try harder with the light effects, latex and some other details. I believe I can improve it abit more if I work hard enough.

But from here a little step  takes much longer though, since I dont have the knowledge.


Working with the first lights of the body, I am trying to make his suit latex like, here is a pic of a detail and it is flipped for a fresh look. Still alot of work but I am very happy with everything I am learning with this course so far.

First light for the cloudBase colors:

First steps of my cartoon, i decided to work on an evil superhero, and make him to do little but annoying mean things and to have a cheeky attitude.

It is the first time that I am using this website so hi to everyone!