Early childhood development, based on music learning /monetization

Early childhood  development, based on music learning /monetization - student project

In the last 10 years I developed an Early childhood multidisciplinary development project and teaching method, based on music learning.

I know a lot about music  teaching and early childhood development. I extreamely artistically inclined  ( Inventing musical games, composing and writing stories for children while also creating/ drawing  characters), but I know nothing about the management, marketing  and strategy part of things.

this brings me to the very frustrating stage of having a valid and very promising project, a book published in 4 languages and thousands of hours of hard work that are bringing me 0 income.



I hope I will start monetising my project if I will also learn about strategy and marketing. I guess I have to let go of creating and start learning mat and marketing at 43.

Let`s see how this will goes. 




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