Dropped Watercolor Painting

Dropped Watercolor Painting - student project

STEP FOUR - Dropped floral (wet in wet) bouquet.   This is the second bouquet I painted. (Apologize for the yellow tint scan).  I did not have  reference photo for this bouquet.   I used a reference photo to paint a different bouquet but did not like how it turned out. I think I was too concerned with following the reference photo and getting the details.    I have really enjoyed this part of the class.  I would like to try the illustrated watercolor flowers next.

STEP THREE (below)   I used Amarylis' inspiration photo to practice more drop flowers.  I had calligraphed this quote on watercolor paper several weeks ago and decided to pull it out so I could add my florals around it.  I took Amarylis' advice and painted some light watercolor outlines to act as a guide.  It helped me so much with placement and I will definately continue doing that!   Now I'm excited to paint my acutal bouquet...

I welcome your comments and criticisms!  I realize the quote is a bit off centered and I would like feedback particularly on the flowers and arrangement - composition always stumps me!!

STEP 2 (below)  Wet in wet roses. 

I have been self teaching watercolors for the past several months (never painted anything before that).  I love to paint florals and usual do wet in dry, adding more pigment before everything dries.  Here I followed Amarylis' example and layed down water first and then pigment. They look similar to my usual roses (not pictured but as seen in my profile picture).

STEP 1 (below)  Pencil sketch of Roses

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