Drawing Plants & Leaves

Drawing Plants & Leaves - student project


For the final experimentation exercise, I went back to the leaf shapes notes and picked out 5-6 of the shapes that I liked and wanted to practice drawing. This made the exercise super fun because I could start with a leaf shape, and then question which edge it could have, and which vein structure it could be... all the time not worrying about what it would have in real life, but what it could have in a fantasy world. This made it super easy to draw fantasy flowers and plants, that I otherwise wouldn't know how to think up.



Here is my final experiment page - my imaginary garden (:

Although it's not a drawing that I would directly hang on my wall, I'm really pleased with myself for making it because it's something I just couldn't have done before, or wouldn't have done because I'd have been too scared to draw crazy plants that don't make sense... This exercise allowed me the freedom to simply select parts of plants that I liked and combine them together, and since no plant is perfect, it's surprising to me how natural they look, even if some of them are totally psychedelic. 

I tried to use as many different variations as possible, just to play and see what happens. All in all I had so much fun making this whole page full in my sketchbook - something that rarely happens to me! Thank you Marie-Noëlle for another super great class!



I went on to play with the circular vine plant, drawing the pattern within a rectangle shape, seeing how it could work as a border or framing element.