Doster - student project

The product I have presented on Odessa Startup Weekend, a "smart" event aggregator with recommendation system.

My team was really small - me and my wife, and we don't have much development experience. But we did a lot to create the business model, and gave a structured presentation, inspired by SlidesThatRock. I used fonts from Bieber template and colour scheme from Lady Gaga template.

  • My audience is Ukranian middle-class living in large cities, but the presentation is delivered to committee of Startup Weekend, so it is more presentation targeted to investors.
  • The problem is spending a lot of time for browsing several web resources to find cool events in the city.
  • The solution can do this work for them: aggregate, recommend and remind about events in the city.

Another presentation by SlidesThatRock helped me with the plan of the pitch. It was the "How to pitch a VC redesigned", and it was recommended by Startup Weekend organizers. I was proud that I take a class of SlidesThatRock guys that are famous everywhere.

The slides:

The pain:

The solution:

The audience:

Validation of audience:




The team:

The technologies: