Done - student project


Done is a simple to-do app that lets you be proud of what you've done, and uses that progress to motivate you to do more in the future. Loosely following Google's material design guidelines, Done has a playful and engaging interface, with straight-forward gestures, and a hastle-free add task experience.

App Screens

Interactive Prototype

You can play with the interactive prototype built with framer here. Simply drag the first item across to check it off your list, then click it to reverse the action.

If you're interested in learning how to build prototypes yourself using Framer, try taking my brand new Skillshare Mobile App Prototyping class!

Some process work

I started trying to incorporate the check into the logo itself, playing around with "Done-zo!" or "Do-it". It was difficult to achieve this in a manner that felt as clean as I wanted. Fortunately, as a constraint, I stuck to different weights of Roboto for the type face to keep the process more focused.

I felt the top left, and bottom right variations were most successful so far:

So I tried to contextualize them into a possible cover photo, and ended up blending them together.

I then refined the color palette, using Jorn van Dijk's awesome colors from Framer, and placed the app in perspective to wrap up the exercise:

Product Designer / Prototyping Teacher