Diving into Life and Coming up Wet

Diving into Life and Coming up Wet - student project

Well, this might take a while. Fortunately I've been blessed with amazing good luck and an adventurous spirit that's taken me far. That being said, I've had more flops than a losing team in the playoffs. Here are some of my greatest hits.

Juilliard Auditions 2008

In highschool when I still wanted to be an actor, my only goal was to get into Juilliard. I spent a year preparing and didn't even get a call back. World shattered, cried on my mashed potatoes and made new plans the same night. Suck it Jullie! Suck it life!

College in General

I ended up at a small college in Farmville, VA. Not a typo, a real place. Suffice to say, I didn't enjoy my time there and I skipped out a year early with a decent theatre education, a couple thousand dollars in debt and a mild drinking problem.

Animation the First Time Around

I've taught myself animation now enough to do it professionally, but the first time I tried learning Flash, I sucked. Hard. I didn't get the program and couldn't make the combobulator work with the watchacallits. I tried to launch a contest for people to choose which of my animations was best. I got one vote. Probably a pity vote. They all sucked.

My New Book

And the reason I'm taking this class. I don't want to plug, so I won't mention the name, but I just published a book. 3 years of writing, 6 months marketing for the launch, a successful crowdfunding campaign, and not one person has purchased a copy. It hurts.

But, the thing about writing this out is that when each of those other failures happened, they felt terrible. World ending. Apocalyptic. But, not only were they not as bad as I thought, they guided me to amazing success. If I hadn't quit school, I never would have traveled through Europe and Asia with the amazing, weird people who've become my second family. If I'd gone to Juilliard, I probably wouldn't have branched out from acting into directing, producing, animating and being the best Boss Lady I can be. I own an LLC now making creative content that I love. The first round of animation taught me a respect for the work and sparked my interest for what I do now. And even though it's sore now, I know this failure will teach me. Like you said in the video, I'll have many more and they'll be worse, but I'm not so afraid of drowning that I won't keep diving in.

Aspiring to be a Superhuman