Distance Travelled

Distance Travelled - student project

So I went on (well deserved =P) holiday to the beach and to the woods. Hiking, swimming, loving nature!

Having taken this class and with Jellis' voice in my head I looked at my surroundings in a different light.

While I photographed so many things (!) I decided to post this one for my project, as I am pretty proud of it!

While on a walk on the beach, we stopped for a snack by a little picnic table that looks upon the beach where we were just walking. The scene we looked upon, was amazing. I loved all the different elements at play. The crashing waves, the dispersed clouds and the beautifully intriguing patterns in the sand caused by the shore and footprints, I HAD to take this photo, and I'm very glad I did!

I used ISO 100, thankfully it was a bright and sunny day so I could use a smaller aperture (f/11) while increasing the shutter speed (1/400) in order to capture the waves as they crash.

Edited in Lightroom (though I am not too versed in it)

Keen on any feedback


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