Dino and bird on a road trip

Dino and bird on a road trip - student project

Dino and bird on a road trip - image 1 - student project

11 november 2017

So I found a red marker after all and now it really feels like I'm stealing from you. I found it very hard not to copy some of your patterns, even though I tried to just let them appear. Especially the hair like shapes really wanted to be in this drawing.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating these two though. I have learnt a lot and can probably apply this elsewhere too. So thanks again! 


10 november 2017

Thank you Charles, for yet another great class.

I think I may have broken 'laws' by varying within patterns too much? I'm not sure If it's okay to switch the colors within the patterns, but I thought I could.

I feel like I've been plagiarizing you although it doesn't really look like your work at all. It takes a while for me to find my own style, as I don't really have one. I'm learning so much here and there and I'm learning really new stuff, especially from you.

In the mean time, I made a new couple that I think is better, because I applied more of the stuff from the last few lessons. Also I like that it's quirky with the wheels. Still a lot to improve. May be I should plan the image more so I bring it more into balance? I just let it happen and then suddenly it was done.


Cat & fish friends on a road trip 

Dino and bird on a road trip - image 2 - student project



PS. I made these two below after lesson 5. Just watched the rest of the class and see I can improve a lot!


Dino and bird on a road trip - image 3 - student project

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