Day 1 - 7

Day 1 - 7 - student project

DAY 1 GRATITUDE: Feeling grateful for the experiences I lived, all the knowledge we have access to and being able to learn every day.

DAY 2 EMPOWERMENT: I am curious, I am growing, I am a collector of experiences, I am capable

DAY 3 FREEDOM: I allow myself to take a rest, I am not unproductive for just listening to my body. I allow myself to dream and look for better opportunities, I am not going to believe my limiting beliefs.

DAY 4 LOVE LETTER: Thank you for being there, for not judging and supporting me. I appreciate you for who you are, your spontaneity your trust in me, for the time we spend together, and for wanting to create new memories together. 

DAY 5 ACCEPTANCE: I find it difficult not being able to live independently in my own space, feeling stagnated, and sometimes underconfident.
I accept the situation but I will remind myself that it is just temporary and that I have the tools to manage how the situation makes me feel while I keep working towards my goals.

DAY 6 FORGIVENESS: I forgive you for hiding and not facing the situation or the ones who cared about you, I understand it is a difficult task when you are afraid of being judged or meeting each other's expectations.

DAY 7 SURRENDER: I release myself of my insecurities, each other's expectations, and that internal voice of what should or shouldn't do to meet those external standars. I release myself of all labels, I am not my job, my income, success, or past. I am not a human doing but a human being complete and worth it as it is.